Suffragette city: Marchers gather in Roseville for Women’s Equality Day

Women from outside the South Placer area spoke as well, with Elk Grove mayoral candidate Tracie Stafford drawing the day’s only standing ovation. Among other things, Stafford discussed her recent efforts to get the majority of Elk Grove City Council to denounce the recent rally by hate groups in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Elk Grove Citizen: Election ‘18: Stafford challenges Ly for mayor

“Most of Elk Grove is a bedroom community, so folks move here, they educate their children here, but they go elsewhere to work,” she said. “They also primarily go elsewhere to spend. So, we’re losing quite a lot of money to sales-tax.”

In regard to bringing jobs to Elk Grove, Stafford said that those jobs need to be more than lower-level jobs.

“We need some truly sustainable positions here, with our median income being somewhere near $80,000,” she said. “We really need to look at creating or bringing positions to Elk Grove that support that need at that level of income.”

Stafford added that bettering employment and shopping opportunities in Elk Grove would improve traffic flow.

”If we can sort of alleviate this need for jobs and purchases outside of Elk Grove, then we would also make a major impact on (reducing the congestion of) traffic.”

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Elk Grove Citizen: Diversity committee seeks audit of city’s staff hiring

Tracie Stafford, an attendee and a 2016 Elk Grove mayoral candidate, expressed her satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting.

“I’m happy with the outcome, because that’s really what I wanted was that independent audit, so that we can truly see where our gaps are and get expert recommendations on how to fill it,” she said.

In preparation for the official request for an audit by a non-city auditor, those participating in the diversity oversight committee meeting agreed to assemble again to provide their input regarding what they would like to see in the audit.

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Cap Radio: Crime Victims Rally As Brown Pushes Ballot Initiative

"I believe that everyone deserves a second chance at life. Whether they deserve it on the streets is another question," said Tracie Stafford, a domestic violence survivor who now works as a victim advocate. "Generally speaking, nonviolent crime, I believe that they should have more opportunity to be rehabilitated."


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