FOX40 VIDEO: Elk Grove Mayoral Candidate Continues to Speak Out About Own Sexual Assault Amid Kavanaugh Controversy

It's been 37 years since Stafford found herself in the shame tied to rape by a friend, a shame that would be recreated by that friend's brother.

"And I fought and I cried and I said, 'No,'" Stafford said.

By that time in life she was already a victim of child abuse and on her way to being a third-generation survivor of domestic violence as a result of her first husband.

In her family, private pain was kept private.

"All of that had taught me that being a woman was not safe," she said.

It's part of a disturbing message Stafford saw replaying as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was criticized for finally sharing what she says happened to her at the hands of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. A second woman, Debbie Ramirez, has stepped forward to accuse Kavanaugh as well.

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Elk Grove Tribune: Stafford's Campaign Fundraiser a Success

From the Tribune:

Progressive Activist Kimberly Ellis, Mayoral Candidate Tracie Stafford, and Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin

Tracie’s recent Breaking Barriers, Building Community campaign fundraiser was a success.  The evening was filled with supporters, donors, and speakers.  The three main guest speakers were Delaine Eastin, Kimberly Ellis and Milo Fitch.

Ms. Eastin is former State Superintendent of Public Instruction for California and supports Tracie Stafford.  She said, “I’ve known Tracie for years and she will bring courage, vision and heart to the job of mayor.  Local government is important because it affects individual lives, families, children’s education and neighborhoods.”  She added, “Tracie can make things work for all people and is ethical and compassionate.”

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Elk Grove Citizen: Election ’18: Fundraising Update

Unlike Ly, Stafford’s 2017 contributions mostly came from individuals who donated amounts totaling less than $1,000. Many of those contributions were one-time $100 donations.


Stafford expressed pride in the campaign she is running.

“I’m extremely proud of my people-driven campaign, which consisted of primarily individual donations,” she said. “We are in the process of building our professional team and fully expect the campaign to surpass all expectations in terms of finances and beyond.”

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Elk Grove Tracie Stafford Taps Small Donor Network, Raises Over $31,000 in Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign

Unlike incumbents who rely on big-dollar contributions from business interests, in her fundraising efforts, the overwhelming majority of Stafford's contributions came as relatively small donations from individuals. Stafford received over 83 separate donations, all but three were from individuals, and the amounts were typically in the $100 to $500 range.

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Elk Grove Citizen: City Council reviews report on Elk Grove’s race relations

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Tracie Stafford expressed concerns with how race relations issues are being handled by the city.

“You can’t deal with an issue that you don’t understand,” she said. “So, what I’m hearing about all the work that’s being done – and it’s being done internally – if you don’t have the lens through which to view the issue that really represents us and understands our experiences, then you can’t possibly come up with outcomes that are going to be beneficial to us.”

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Elk Grove Citizen: Election ’18: A look at the city, Congressional races coming this year

Stafford is not a newcomer to the mayoral race, as she was one of the seven candidates who attempted to fill Davis’ vacated seat in 2016. She said that the main issues she plans to focus on during her campaign are crime, traffic and quality of life.

Stafford mentioned a need to reduce traffic congestion, increase sales tax revenues and bring higher paying jobs for people who are “underemployed,” and are working at lower wages than they previously earned in their careers.

Stafford expressed a need to address domestic violence in Elk Grove, noting that, in 2015, 51 percent of violent crime in the city was domestic violence related.

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SAC MAG: Powered by Women

Stafford is vice president of Ovation PR & Advertising. To get to her position, she took a route through the economic hills and valleys of the modern day job market. Her career began in data entry in the Silicon Valley, where she climbed the ranks until she was a senior manager. In 2001, while pregnant with her fourth child, she and her husband decided to move to Elk Grove in search of a lower cost of living and better access to good public schools. Visibly pregnant and encountering the effects of the dot-com bust, however, she struggled to find a job. “I basically had to make a job for myself,” she says. “I never really wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I was overqualified for what was available.” She founded Exceptional Events, a public relations and event management firm, and found herself “empowered as a small business leader.”

She flourished so much as a business owner that she was elected president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, chairman of the Sacramento Small Business Board and communications chair of the California Small Business Board, among other roles.


ELk Grove Citizen: Mayoral candidate Stafford addresses crime, traffic, quality of life issues

Tracie Stafford, who will once again run for mayor of Elk Grove in next year’s election, told the Citizen this week that she hopes to bring a different type of leadership to the city.

“Elk Grove is being governed as a small town rather than the large city that it has become and that is not sustainable,” she said. “One official recently stated, ‘We need to preserve the culture of the City Council.’ The City Council should have no culture, but be a representation of the community that it serves.”

Stafford, who earlier this month kicked off her campaign with more than 80 supporters at Lola’s Lounge, said that the main issues she plans to focus on during her campaign are crime, traffic and quality of life.

On the issue of quality of life, Stafford said that there is a need for higher paying jobs in Elk Grove for people who are “underemployed,” and are working at lower wages than they previously worked in their careers.

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Elk Grove Stafford Kicks Off 2018 Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign Before Energized Supporters

In her presentation Stafford noted that Elk Grove is still managed as though it is a 20,000 person community even though it has over 170,000 residents.

"When you grow from 20,000 to 90,000, to 175,000 here in 2017, you are going to need to have more vision," she said. 

Stafford went on to say that before Elk Grove expands, it should address several issues for existing residents. Among some of the needs mentioned were a vibrant arts and culture scene, better shopping and dining options, and the development of some defined city center.

"We need strategic, courageous visionary leaders to make sure that our quality of life does not suffer," Stafford noted. "Its time we start growing up instead of growing out."

Sac Bee: Racist note prompts Elk Grove town hall. Former candidate says site could deter minorities

A recent email to council members from former mayoral candidate Tracie Stafford sparked a lengthy online discussion after it was posted on the popular Elk Grove Laguna Forums pageon Facebook. Stafford, an African American, questioned the location of Monday’s meeting at Elk Grove Regional Park, suggesting that “the location was chosen to deter people of color from attending” because the surrounding park setting at night could evoke images of lynching. She asked that the city move the location.

Stafford said in a statement that the concerns about the location were shared with her in confidence by residents she invited to attend the forum.

“I take my role as a community advocate very seriously and the email was intended to protect the town hall participants,” she said. “The email was then shared and politicized for reasons unknown to me.”

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